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Hi There. My name is Erez Morabia and I have created this blog for people who work in Outlook environment with high email traffic, and looking for practical tricks & tips that will enhance their Outlook work while gaining more control over their time.



I am working in the software development industry for many years now, and one thing I have realized is that once we enter into a leader position (task leader, team leader, group manager, project manager, etc), our email volume increases dramatically. The worst part is that most of our to-do lists and follow-up items are hidden in those emails and no one really trains us how to handle it (or is it only me?…).

Since 2006 I have been investing a lot of energy into reading books, watching lectures and practicing endless methods – trying to find new ways to improve my Outlook work environment in a simple way. I have taken that knowledge and managed to come up with a short list of specific items that are practical and really make the difference in my daily work.

Apparently, those items make the difference for other people as well. I have realized that while mentoring friends and colleagues. Once more people in my social networks heard about it, I got many requests and questions about time management and practical usage in an Outlook environment. I thought it would be a great idea to gather all this knowledge into a single site and share it with you, so I would be able to reach more people and help where I can.

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