The tricks and tips are a great way to boost up our Outlook work, but my methodology is what brings it all together and helps me to work worriless. When I say worriless, I mean that I know that all my tasks were triaged and would be handled when appropriate. I know, this is a bit vogue, and I hate to be vogue…


When I worked as a software engineer, most of my tasks were tracked properly in a Gantt (or in a Sprint ). However, when I moved to a leading position, most of my work was “hiding” inside the endless emails I have received, and I couldn’t find a good way to track them. I was lost.

After a lot of time-management readings and many trial-and-errors using various tools and methods, I have realized that it was in front of my face all the time – Outlook. Since most of my tasks were integrated into emails, Outlook was the perfect place to track my tasks. The trick was how to do that in a simple way. I have put more thought into it and built up a methodology fitting my work style. I have slogened it – “Track-It, Follow-It, Do-It”.

I have tried to upload my thoughts on a page, but I have failed to do so in a short way. I also realized that one-time presentation is nice to hear, but it doesn’t really change the way people think and work. The only way I have managed to teach the methodology is by mentoring, either in 1-on-1 sessions or in small group sessions – once a week for a few weeks.

While working with the people on the methodology, I have realized that each person has a different work style, based on the personal character and the job position. So, the big challenge was adjusting the methodology for each and every person.

Witnessing a person using and adjusting the methodology for leveraging work efficiently is awesome, but there is more into it – each time I am mentoring someone (or a group), I learn new tricks and get new insights on the subject that I can teach others down the road. How cool is that?…

The bottom line is that I won’t be listing the methodology in this blog. Instead, I would continue to work with individuals and small groups.