Why should we adjust our Outlook?

I would like to talk a bit on why we should invest time in adjusting the Outlook mail layout for our daily usage.

I would start with a statement that my screen is the most expensive real estate property in my workplace – this is how I see it. After all, I am looking at my screen most of the day (let’s leave the meeting rooms aside for now) and I want to be able to adjust it carefully for including the most valuable information for my work, and optimally clear away all the other unnecessary disruptions.


When I was a software engineer, I used to adjust my development environment application to fit my needs. Actually, in most of the companies I have worked in as a software engineer, the development environment adjustment was one of the first things included in the training program for gaining the maximum efficiency in the daily work.

Once I became a leader, I have started to work with Outlook much more closely, and it became the application I use the most. Unfortunately, no one has explained to me how to adjust my Outlook to get the maximum efficiency in my work. If you have experienced the same, you would probably enjoy this blog. I would share in this blog all the shortcuts, tips and tricks I wish someone had shown me 10 years ago when I first moved to a leader position.

BTW, the practical information I would share in this blog is not targeted only for leaders – anyone can benefit from it. The point is that the more you use Outlook in your daily work, the more benefit you would achieve from this blog.

So back to our topic – we need to treat our screen as a valuable real estate property and take advantage of all its space. You always can buy a bigger screen (depends on how good you are in convincing your boss to spend that extra budget), but there is a limit to the size that is comfortable to view. Moreover, using that approach (buying a bigger screen) you would always get into trouble when moving to work on other environments, such as your laptop, using remote-desktop to your work environment from home computer, etc.

The big question is how much time such adjustments can save. This is a good question and it depends on how bad you are in working with your Outlook. The amount of saved time is not the only factor you would gain. I think the most important gain would be lower barrier for using your Outlook for leveraging your work. The easier it would be for us to use Outlook, the more freely we would use it and leverage its strength. This is the big bonus as I see it.

I hope you are now convinced that you should at least spend some time in adjusting your Outlook environment. In the first few posts I would share a few practical tips on how to adjust your Outlook mail layout for achieving maximum benefit.


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