Search it, search it, yes you make it

This is the 2nd episode on the search topic, where we would learn how to fine tune the search mechanism for providing us easy to operate results. If you didn’t read the 1st episode, please do.


Search in all folders

The default outlook search uses the current folder for search. In case you want to extend that to all folders, you need to press the link “Try searching again in All Mail Items” and then the search starts all over again.


In most cases, we want to search an email everywhere and therefore this 2-phase search is slowing us down. In order to speed things up, we should change the outlook default to apply the search on all folders.

How to do it:

  • Go to File
  • Go to Options
  • Go to Search
  • Check the “All folders” radio button


If we want for a specific search to apply it on the current folder, we can do that by pressing the “Current Folder” button.


Highlight search results in a different color

When applying a search, outlook would highlight your search keys in yellow. This makes it easy to go throughout an email that was found and see where the search keys appear.

Most people use the highlight-yellow in regular emails for emphasizing parts of the email. Therefore, it results confusion when you go through search results that contain emails having highlighted-yellow parts (in the original email).


My recommendation is changing the search-highlight color from yellow to a different one, so we would know to distinguish between the search-highlights are the email-highlights.


How to do it:

  • Go to File
  • Go to Options
  • Go to Search
  • Select a different color in the “Highlight color” dropdown


Have a nice search…


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