Top 5 Keyboard Shortcuts for Emails

If you are solely relying on your mouse while handling emails, this post can help you save some precious time with a few practical tips. In my work, I’m used to get emails on the scale of 100+ per day. With such amount of emails, fast handling becomes critical.


There are many aspects of handling emails fast, and one of them is definitely using keyboard shortcuts. Don’t get me wrong – I’m not a freak of keyboard shortcuts – but I do think that using a few practical shortcuts we can all make our email-handling work a bit more convenient and keep up our work energy.

While watching people handling their emails, I have realized that using the mouse for basic operations reduces our work energy and bring us to a point where we either skip emails or minimize our Outlook application altogether and moving to other tasks (sometimes, that’s not such a bad idea…).

So let’s list them:

  • Ctrl-R: reply
  • Ctrl-Shift-R: reply-all
  • Ctrl-F: forward
  • Ctrl-N: new email message
  • Alt-F4: close the email window

Your mission now is using those simple 5 shortcuts in the next 5 days and then decide whether you get a better experience while handling your emails.


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